N’ecos Vs Chatterbox

Standing on the 5th position, the café is very environment friendly with its natural and organic surrounding. The management grown trees and stabled a fresh atmosphere in the café. The menu of N’ecos Vs Chatterbox also has organic options made with healthy ingredients. The café is owned by Hobnob Bakery Groups and offers the most famous and loved sweet items such as Caked Alaska from defunct Copper Kettle. For the vegans, there are no options in Karachi but N’ecos Vs Chatterbox offers the best vegan and gluten free food for the convenience of vegans. The book filled corner in the café is really relaxing with its wooden tables and lovely charm for the book readers. The desserts are fine and quesadillas are marvelous. The café is remarkable with its quick service and best cleaning measures. The hospitable staff members welcome you warmly and the fresh air of the café makes you feel comfortable here. You can enjoy the best menu of this café with your sizzling hot escort in Karachi and make her a fan of you, then she would definitely love you more. The place is not so expensive and you can easily go to explore the best taste with affordable rates.

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