Leg Glider Sex Position

Leg Glider Sex Position

Leg Glider is a very strange sexual position and very difficult to perform correctly unless you have a great deal of flexibility, although your man does not need to be that flexible to do so. Find the right job for you and your man in our sex site guides. To perform the Leg Glider, simply lie on one side, let’s say your left side. This means that your left leg and right arm will rest on your body, although you can’t put your right hand on the bed to stabilize it if you like. You then need to raise your right leg toward the ceiling while keeping your left leg on the bed. If you are flexible enough, your right leg should point straight toward the ceiling.

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When you’re in the Leg Glider position, your main goal is to maintain stability and stay in position without your legs cramping. Although if you feel your legs starting to cramp, tell your boss right away so you can stretch them and get rid of the cramp. If you want to give your man a back bend, or screaming toe orgasms, that will get him sexually addicted to you, you’ll find it in my private and secret newsletter.

What should man do in Leg Glider Position

When your man performs the Leg Glider, at first he should be careful to make sure that you are comfortable and that he does not put too much pressure on your leg. Also, if he is a good suspension, he should be careful not to penetrate you deeply. Once you get into a nice rhythm with your Leg Glider leg, he can grab the base of your right leg or hold onto your right arm so he can pull you toward him and penetrate more deeply. Your leg can also bend backwards to change the angle of entry as well as forward, just make sure he is very careful when leaning forward so as not to hurt you. In addition to leaning back and forth, he can move to one side or the other until he finds the position that you both enjoy the most.

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