Best 3 Shopping Malls in Karachi

Karachi has a long list of shopping malls, where you can have a great time shopping, eating, drinking & chilling. Visiting malls is a favorite pastime of Karachi ties. Here are our picks for the best shopping malls in Karachi. Dolmen Mall Clifton, Lucky One Mall, the Ocean Mall. Before you started wondering which mall is better than the rest, let’s take a look at their locations, facilities & surroundings, which will make it easier for you to decide the really perfect mall in Karachi.

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Dolmen Mall Clifton

Our underwater outlet at Dolmen Mall Clifton Karachi overlooks the Arabian Sea. With fun for all. This is your ultimate haven for fun. All components of Dolmen City are connected through Dolmen Mall Clifton, the most upscale shopping destination in Pakistan. Seeing a need being met and a smile on our customers, face is what drives us to create solution for our global customers, making us the most recognizable brand in Pakistan. Dolmen Mall is located in Karachi, HC-3, Sea View road, Marina Promenade, Karachi, Pakistan. Dolmen Mall Clifton working hours, 11am to 11pm only Sunday timing his change 3pm to 12am. Dolmen Mall Clifton is the largest & most prestigious shopping mall in Karachi.

Lucky One Mall

Lucky One Mall is the biggest mall in Karachi. Lucky One Mall is located in PS-I Main Rashid Minhas Road, Block-21, Opp UBL Sport Complex FB Area Karachi. The shopping mall in the country, 1st thing is the best parking area they made a best for people Carrefour grocery is best. Throughout the long term we have figured out how to lay out a chain of eatery serving various areas of Karachi. Bar.B.Q This evening is spreading love with best flavor all through of Karachi. Fortunate One Shopping center Karachi change with variety Energy lighting frameworks, drawing in guests and setting out business open doors. Fortunate One Shopping center offers uncommon retail space and incorporates a food court, bank pocket, wedding display and wellbeing and health road.

The Ocean Mall

There also a playground for children of different ages which is a good pastime too. The best parking lot is quite small compared to the number of visitors there. This mall is located in the lower floors of a skyscraper and houses shops, restaurants and a cinema. The Ocean Mall address, Main Khayaban-e-Iqbal, near 2 Talwar, Block-9 Clifton, Karachi, Pakistan. The Ocean Mall working hours, 12-10pm and Sunday timing is 3-11pm. It consists of a 28 floor tower with 1 ground floor and 5 basement levels for car parking.

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