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69, sixty nine or a sixty niner is the sexual foreplay position where the man will be licking the vagina of his lady partner whilst the woman is sucking the male penis. This act performed by 69 position escorts means that both parties are performing oral sex on each other.
The act gets it name from the position the participants traditionally get into which look like a 6 and a 9. In more recent times, there have been different variation of a 69 position as you can see from the image.

Now what is the chance of your actually meeting a call girls in a hotel, apartment anywhere else, a escort who likes to 69? As latest here in this 69 escort gallery, brought to you by our Karachi escort service, You know that the call girls like this, you know that its on the cards already and you know that your going to have pleasure at both ends.

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If you are looking for escort who provide 69 position service in Karachi then you have come to the right place. Our call girls have developed real expertise. Now if you are looking for an escorts specializing precisely in your fantasy, you know where to look. You are sure to come access escort who provide best quality service, as they are all call girls who love to spend special time with their regular clients as new. For these female, this type of service no longer has any secrets, and they love to practice this ( work ) precisely to meet you, and to be able to spend privilege time with you.

69 Position escort in Karachi

Amongst all the sex position that men have tried and even invented with their adult companion, there has been nothing as famous as the 69 position. There is something about this jackhammer position that has sparked the light of amazement and excitement in teen escort service. You eating away at the fruit of the young teen call girls spending the night with you, there is nothing better than the time when the little angel simultaneously gives you a perfect blowjob without condom. This little effort of having your face in-between each other legs at the same time clearly gives the pleasure of a lifetimes that ensure that the more you move your tongue into that sweet pink flesh the more your ferris wheel arrangements will be magical for the both of you.

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